Adult Running Camp

Running camp ain’t just for kids…

Our inaugural adult camp is guided by the same counselors inspiring our youth camps, yet designed for adults of all abilities who love to run (that is, camp isn’t a place to start running, it’s something you’ve been running for). Whether you are training for a race, seeking adventure and friends, or starting your next running journey, a long weekend on the trails and around camp will take your wellness and tiredness to the next level. Whether you run 5 or 15 minute miles, this camp isn’t about how fast you run, but rather a dedication to self-improvement alongside others doing the same.

Camp is based out at the Eagle River United Methodist Camp (milepost 27 north of Juneau) and has all the comforts of home: electricity, running well water, hot showers (unless you get pranked), and an industrial kitchen stocked with everything except that one thing you can’t ever seem to find when you need it…This no-cell-service haven is where we sleep, eat, relax, and play.

Over four days plan to climb, create, compete, cook, and laugh–a lot! You can also expect:

  • To run 20-30 miles over roots, rocks, and rabbit trails, while climbing 4,000-6,000 ft.
  • Soothing silt baths to alleviate ailments such as bug bites.
  • To share your goals while being inspired by other’s!
  • To sleep in group cabins.
  • Workshops to joggle your brain, body, and spirit.
  • To ice in glacially-fed rivers.
  • Kitchen duty camaraderie.
  • Unpredictable team competitions.
  • To leave with your white socks three shades darker.

What does camp cost?

$600 + a suggested donation to support our youth camps. 

This one-of-a-kind, mud-smeared, kid-at-heart camp is a two-for-the-price-of-run investment:

  1. You’ll have the wildest running weekend of your life, and;
  2. Your registration makes our youth camps and programs financially accessible to all!

2023 Registration Opens

8am AKST on March 15th

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